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  • Ostrich meat is low in fat and is 99% fat free!
  • Ostrich meat is low In cholesterol
  • It is also low in calories.
  • Tender and easy to cook.
  • A natural healthy alternative to red meat
  • Lower in fat than chicken or Turkey
  • Cooks twice as fast as chicken or lamb
  • Each egg weighs about three to four pounds (1.2 to 2.2 Kg) and is about 6 inches (15cm) in diameter.
  • An Ostrich Egg is the largest edible egg in existence.
  • The inside of an Ostrich Egg is equivalent in volume to approximately two dozen chicken eggs!
  • To Cook: To soft boil it takes approximately 50 minutes. To hard boil, over 1 hour - but beware, the shell stays hot for over 2 hours afterwards!
  • To make omelette or scrambled eggs for all the family, simply drill one hole in the shell and shake the contents out.
  • The shell can then be washed out, decorated and put on display.

Ostrich Meat Comparison

Ostrich Beef Lamb Pork Chicken Turkey
Helping Size 85g 85g 85g 85g 85g 85g
Calories 97 240 205 235 138 135
Fat 1.7 15 13 19 3 3
Cholesterol 52 77 78 84 73 59